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SWF Decompiler
Powerful Flash Decompiler Trillix
with full Flash 10 and AS 3.0 support!


Convert SWF to FLA

Flash Decompiler Trillix literally takes any SWF file, decompiles it, showing you all of its inner structure. You are now one click away from obtaining the original source code of the particular Flash animation. This SWF Decompiler provides you with the most accurate Actionscripts.


Edit SWF and extract its elements

Substitute original texts, sounds, colors, etc. with your choices without the need to convert SWF into FLA. Or you can extract all of the elements the SWF consist of and place them in separate folders. The file format of the elements being extracted can be easily set according to your needs.


Capture Flash movies from the Internet

Instead of downloading one tool, you download two-in-one! With embedded "SWF Capture Tool" of SWF Decompiler you will be able to save Flash movies to your hard drive and watch them later.











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