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We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to advertise in one of the limited advertising slots in specific categories on the portal.


Reach the precise audience you want with relevant targeted ads.


A variety of ad types on many unique placements across the website gives advertisers the opportunity to reach the right person with the right message at the right time. Whether you’re looking for broad reach or targeted customer acquisition, you have a space to advertise.

Achieve the Best ROI
Advertising is about much more than just banners and clicks. It is about creating high-impact, innovative programs that take advantage of the uniqueness of and tapping the target audiences to deliver the highest possible Return On Investment (ROI) for our advertisers.


Advertisement Rates  | Payment Options

Please see the FAQ's below:


What are the Benefits if Advertising Online?

Online advertising reaches out to a large group of audience. It is cost effective and scalable.


How will this benefit my business?

Everyone is in business want to do more and better business. You have another effective medium to service your existing clients – an extension of your office on the internet. You instantly reach a larger national or worldwide market. Your communication could be seen by millions of people 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! It is cost effective. You save on printing and mailing costs for catalogs and brochures, since they would be available for on the internet for browsing or downloading by the customer. You save on time and money and use it  for sales & distribution.


Why should I advertise on (The City Portal) is one of the most surfed portals on the net. is launched with an aim to be the premier online source of information and business classifieds. There are daily updates of information which will get back the visitors for more. If your company provides products or services in Bangalore, then is the medium to reach this segment almost exclusively.


Who visits the

Everyone who is looking for any kind of information in and around Bangalore. We also get visitors worldwide when the search for information about Bangalore.


How does build its user base?

Through sales initiatives online and offline. Promotions through the site, and listings on most Internet search engines. We send news letters to all the subscribers monthly once.


What are the ways to advertise on
On, we give you the opportunity to choose what best suits your brand and market-reach goals: Banner advertising, Text ads, Business Listing, Special Promotions, Newsletters & Classified Ads etc. These can be customized to fit together with your offline campaigns as well.


Advertisement Rates  | Payment Options


Please explain the ways of advertising other than Banner ad in


a) Text Ads - Single line Text Ads in between relevant content of a specific category.

The advert will have an active web-link to your own website. When it is clicked, a new window will open on to the home page of your site.


b) Business listings with link to your website.


c) Business Listing with "Text and Picture" on mouse over the listing.


d) Business Listing with "Text" on mouse over the listing.


e) A webpage created for you and link given from the listing.


f) FREE to list your business in our new online Business Directory.


What is an ad banner?

An ad banner is an advertisement on the Site in a pre-defined area. This could link onto an advertiser's website. Banners are the most common type of Web advertisement, and they come in a wide variety of sizes and are attractive.


What sizes of banner ads are available? Banner Specifications.

These include pixel sizes of 728x90, 200x200, 160x90, 200x90, 160x300 and 160x600 banners. The 728x90 pixel size banner ads are usually located at the top of our pages. 200x200, 200x90, 160x300 and 160x600 banners ads are usually located in the right side of our pages. 160x90 banners ads are usually located in the left side of our pages.


What graphics formats / artworks does accept?

We accept the ads of specified size from you in Gif, Jpg, Png, Swf, formats. But we always suggest for images than swf (Flash) files as it will increase the downloading time of the page. We accept a maximum size of 100 KB only.


Who creates the ad banners?

All ad banners are created by you / your agency. If need, team can also create the banner design for you at an affordable additional cost.


What will my banner ad look like?

Your banner will be displayed exactly the way you design it.


Must I have a website in order to use your banner ad program?

If you have an existing website, you can hyperlink your ad banner to it. You get more value. If you do not have the website, you can include the information you want the viewer to see, directly in the banner within the space. Additionally can provide you a sub page where you can have the full content of your website and link your ad to this page. With this option you save on the Domain and server space charges. Your URL will look like


Advertisement Rates  | Payment Options


Please explain terms like URL, sub page?

URL means Uniform Resource Locator. All this means is the unique Web 'address' of the Web page or other resource the user is trying to access. A unique URL will be, and a sub page will be having a website in another URL like


Can you link to a banner on my site that I can change at will?

You cannot change the banner ad which is running on This can link to page banner on your website which you may or may not change.


How would running multiple banners help my business?

Good question. Many advertisers find it productive to have 1 "standard" banner that you run year long, and have another banner that you display to reflect current specials, sales, and new items.


What are the terms of payment for advertising on

Any advertising campaign order will be considered a "ready-to-release" order only on complete payment for that particular campaign. Do refer to the Payment Procedures.


Does support a cancellation policy for advertising on its site?

No, once you have blocked advertising space and time and paid for the same, while the advertisements can be stopped, the payment is non-refundable.


Who should I contact for assistance on

Email us at for more details or call the Sales Manager at +91- 9731524228.


Will I be contacted for renewal?

Yes, we would make a gentle reminder about your ad expiry. If, however, you desire to extend your campaign, please contact us at


Advertisement Rates  | Payment Options




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